Gillibrand’s Bed Is Now a Gun-Free Zone


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has relocated her two rifles after word was leaked that they were being stored under her bed. How did that kind of private information get out? Big surprise — the media. Always sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong, revealing secrets without concern for the consequences. But what dastardly source blabbed about the guns, putting them at greater risk of being found by children, burglars, or sophisticated chimpanzees? It was … Senator Gillibrand. In an interview that ran yesterday, Gillibrand told Newsday that she owns two rifles and keeps them under her bed (without ammo, in a locked case, her office later added). But apparently broadcasting that kind of information is considered unsafe, and they have been “moved for security reasons,” her spokesman Matt Canter said. He added, “They’re now in the top of the closet. Wait — damn it!”

Gillibrand removes guns from under bed [Newsday]
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