Slideshow: The Cast of Gossip Girl at Fashion Week

Hmmm. This look might have something to do with it.Photo: Getty Images

Yes, yes, yes, we’re all in withdrawal during Gossip Girl’s inexplicable winter hiatus. We don’t know how to fill our time, none of our headbands seem to fit quite right, and even the joy of throwing yogurt at high-school sophomores in last season’s Tory Burch flats doesn’t do it for us anymore. But, unlike us, the cast of The Greatest Show of Our Time is reveling in their days away from St. Jude’s and Constance Billard. In previous years the young actors and actresses from Gossip Girl have been prevented from taking advantage of Fashion Week for photo ops and freebies because of their busy shooting schedules. But last week, they were all over the tents. And, like the good camera phone (er, Getty Image) stalkers that we are, we recorded their every movement. Click through to see what everyone (except, notably, Chuck) got up to last week.