Student Group Takes Over NYU Dining Room, Makes Demands


What’s a college student group to do when writing letters, handing out flyers, and electing members to the student body produces the same negligible results as such actions always do? Barricade itself in a room! That’s what members of “Take Back NYU!” did last night, locking themselves in the Kimmel Center’s John Ben Snow dining hall. The group seems to have a long, disjointed list of demands, from allowing student workers to collectively bargain, forcing investment transparency and student participation in the board of trustees, and opening up the Bobst library to the public, to requiring that the school grant exactly thirteen scholarships to Palestinians (oh, and that none of them get in trouble for this). Sounds awesome, we know. But before you go off running to join up, know that you can experience the whole thing on a live video feed streaming from inside. (Right now it’s trained on some guy’s sneakers, but occasionally one of the revolutionaries will come on and speak.) “The Man” is so far reacting calmly, expressing willingness to engage with the students and even making sure they can leave the dining room to go potty. Hard-core!

Live on the Web, the N.Y.U. Occupation [City Room/NYT]