Has the Recession Felled Your Favorite Business?


If there was a time when some of you non-finance-industry, investment-light, apartment-renting New Yorkers thought you were going to get through the recession without your lives being adversely affected, we imagine that time is now over. For DI editor Chris, it hit home when his subscription to Men’s Vogue, a magazine that had pretty pictures of handsome men and handsomer home interiors, was replaced by one to Portfolio, a magazine with ugly men and even uglier office interiors. Also, when Gotham Book Mart’s massive archive was sold off to some diploma factory in Philly. For DI’s Jessica, it was when Mondo Kim’s announced it was closing and attempting to sell off its own collection of rare and arcane videos.

Now we want to know, when did the recession hit you guys? Please let us know in the comments which of your favorite stores, restaurants, or other businesses have already closed due to the downturn. Tell us about what they were, and what you miss about them. We know it’s gauche to be nostalgic about when things were actually nicer in the city, but this is your chance!