Gwyneth, Dunst, & Moby at Two Lovers’s Screening


Despite the fact that Natalie Portman inexplicably allowed him to date her, Moby claims he has not been so lucky in love: “I’m 43 years old and I haven’t ever really had a good relationship,” he told us at the Cinema Society screening of Two Lovers last night. He’s been lucky in real estate, though. “I had this crazy apartment uptown in the El Dorado, and I sold it right before the crash,” he told us. The four-story penthouse, which he bought in 2005, sold for a reported $6.7 million this past August. “I got very lucky,” he said.

In fact, he was so happy to unload the place that he celebrated rather heartily. “The party that we had right before I moved out was old-school debauchery and degeneracy in every sense of the word,” he told us. “The bed, which got moved out the next day, got put to good use. Unfortunately not by me, but by a lot of other people,” he went on. “Liquor and drugs will do that.” He nervously declined to tell us who exactly partook in these activities, which was just as well, because we weren’t sure we wanted to know, anyway. But he did offer a tip for the new owners: The Dorado is a great place to have loud, debauched parties. “The police never came,” he says. “Because it’s a fancy co-op and we were up 400 feet in the sky and I had no neighbors.” Which means, right now, no one can hear the epic shout of “Grosssss!!!!!” coming from the penthouse.