House of Glass Bricks Could Rise in Tribeca


Okay, how cool* is this? According to Curbed, an English developer commissioned a design for 401–403 Greenwich Street, a spot that is currently a handful of brick row houses. In place of those, architect Joseph Pell Lomardi has envisioned a tall house made entirely of glass bricks and glass carvings. Apparently, he spent six months working with engineers on how to ensure the damn thing wouldn’t shatter (Curbed already made the requisite “no stone throwing allowed” joke). It must be tricky, as the location is right near the windy Hudson, and the structure would abut brick buildings on either side. But the plan is for the space to contain two retail locations and eight loft apartments separated “with obscure glass partitions.” The design has already been submitted to the community board and has yet to face the Landmarks Preservation Commission (it’s in the Tribeca West Historic District). We really, really hope this building gets built, because it’s totally near our office and we really like peeping at rich people’s apartments in our spare time. Now we don’t even have to worry about the shades being drawn!

World’s First Glass-Brick Building Proposed for Tribeca [Curbed]
401-403 Greenwich [Joseph Pell Lombardi]
*By cool, obviously, we mean terrifying and embarrassing and we would never live there.