How Unlucky Was Your Friday the 13th?


Today is Friday the 13th, and superstition dictates that unlucky things are supposed to happen. Why? We have no idea, and Wikipedia doesn’t seem to either, though it may have something to do with Norse mythology, the Knights Templar, or The Canterbury Tales — meaning nobody knows and it’s just a bunch of bull used to sell movie tickets. But as we thought about our days, we noticed a disturbing trend of bad luck. For example, Jessica’s hair air-dried in a decidedly funny shape, and she also got the sixth sense that Chris, who is away skiing for a long weekend, scalded his tongue horribly while sipping hot chocolate. Or at least she hopes he did. And when Dan went to eat breakfast this morning, he was startled to find that he’d run out of bananas, even though he really would have preferred to put banana in his cereal. So Friday the 13th, so far, seems pretty legit. But we throw it to you, legion of commenters. Has anything unlucky happened to you today? Or, conversely, anything lucky?