Kenneth the Page Practices His SNL Bobby Jindal Routine for Jimmy Fallon


It must be nice to be a comedy writer at NBC. Because of some sense of solidarity at Rockefeller Center (or, more likely, Ben Silverman–enforced ratings desperation), the casts of 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live are essentially interchangeable — and apparently, available for use by Jimmy Fallon to get buzz for his new version of The Late Show. Next Monday, the show will debut officially with frequent SNL guest Justin Timberlake (and Chace Crawford will stop by on March 6!). But last night, Jack MacBrayer from 30 Rock made an appearance on Fallon’s test run of the talkie. MacBrayer played Kenneth the Page, his popular character who bears an uncanny resemblance to Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, the unfortunate soul who delivered that abysmal Republican response to Barack Obama’s speech Tuesday night. As Gawker pointed out, MacBrayer’s spoof response to Jindal felt like a rehearsal for SNL. It certainly didn’t spoil any effort that the sketch show might make, though — one would presume anything they might try would actually make you giggle.