Labor Makes Deal With the Devil


A new political-action committee is being formed by groups interested in pushing President Obama farther to the left. Organized labor is joining together with a group of liberal bloggers to create Accountability Now, which will be a rough mirror to the conservative group Club for Growth. Supporting members will include the Service Employees International Union, MoveOn, DailyKos, and bloggers from Salon and Firedog Lake. The committee will officially be formed on Friday (it already has half a million dollars in the bank). The bloggers will raise money from their readers to help fund extreme liberal candidates for national office. “We’re going to be about targeting incumbents to make space for Obama to be more progressive,” Salon’s Glen Greenwald told the New York Times, adding that the president might also feel direct pressure from the group. “There may be other times when the Democratic Party, as led by Obama, is being unresponsive, so yeah, we have the potential to push back against that, as well.”

Hmmm. Bloggers think they now wield enough financial and opinion power to threaten the president on policy decisions? This doesn’t feel right. Still, maybe now our moms will be able to explain to their friends what we do for a living.

Bloggers and Unions Join Forces to Push Democrats [NYT]