Lindsay Lohan Gets Giggly With May Andersen


Sylvester Stallone almost mowed down a dude in Beverly Hills, but was really sweet about it. Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are engaged to be married. Cameron Diaz fittingly went to the “Bodies” exhibit. Johnny Depp’s brother Daniel wrote a book called Loser’s Town. Jessica Biel must be hotter than a bunch of models, because her longtime boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, only paid attention to her backstage at his William Rast show. The “Gatecrasher” column thinks Aubrey O’Day has terrible taste. Lindsay Lohan was getting up close and personal with manic model May Andersen.

Diane Kruger is friends with Tommy Hilfiger. Mark Green can’t keep track of where he was supposed to grow up. Paris Hilton invited Kellie Pickler to her birthday party, where two of her exes were in attendance. Seth Green got a chicken-shaped birthday cake.

Lisa Lampanelli is a Fanilow. Michael Phelps has been avoiding the paparazzi. Steve and Elaine Wynn are not selling their art for cash. Filomena Tobias is selling the house where her financier husband, Seth, drowned in the pool. Seth Rogen will grace the next cover of Playboy. Gross. Viola Davis is nervous about the Oscars. Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are together again.