Mandy Moore Already Giving Fiancé Ryan Adams a Hint


Last week, we were surprised to learn that prolific singer-blogger Ryan Adams managed to get singer-actress Mandy Moore to agree to marry him. They’d dated before, but we didn’t really get it. Mandy is just, well, she’s so squeaky clean. Like, once we sat next to her at brunch at Pastis while she was on a date with Zach Braff, and it was like the Bounty Bear was snuggling with Salacious Crumb. So it was with an actual relief that we learned that on the same week her engagement was announced, so was her new endorsement deal with Gain detergent. We wouldn’t want Ryan Adams to start washing his hair or anything — he is a white rock star, after all. But we do like the idea that there’s going to be a lot of loose detergent lying around the house nowadays. That button nose of hers was the entire reason we sat through Because I Said So. We’d hate for it to be offended on a daily basis by anything less than the sweet, soothing smell of Gain Original Scent With Baking Soda. (The baking soda, we happen to know, is guaranteed to get that pesky Winona Ryder odor out from almost anything.)

Mandy Moore Gains Detergent Sponsor [Ad Age]