Judge Approves Triplex Arrest for Marc Dreier


Marc Dreier, the attorney who has been accused of defrauding hedge funds out of upward of $400 million, has, like Bernie Madoff, been granted permission to wait out his sentencing in his Upper East Side triplex. But don’t get too outraged, populace! His conditions are slightly less plush than Madoff’s: Due to his penchant for assuming identities and fleeing across borders, a group of armed security guards will be with him in the apartment at all times, and they’ve been authorized to use “reasonable force” to prevent him from fleeing. Also, he can’t have knives “or anything else that might serve as a weapon,” or computers or cell phones, and visitors have to be approved. But he is allowed to keep his land line! And if you want to give him a call, he is listed.

Judge approves house arrest for NY lawyer charged with $400 million fraud [Newsday]
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