Flying Financier Marcus Schrenker’s Wife Was ‘Shocked’ He Turned Out to Be a Wackjob


Matt Lauer had Michelle Schrenker, whose husband, Indianapolis financier Marcus, bungled a daring 25-point escape plan after being accused of defrauding investors out of millions of dollars, on the Today show this morning. “When you hear about what happened,” Matt said, concealing a smirk as he ran through the details of Marcus’s botched fake suicide — you know, how he left the script for the phony distress call he made in the plane when he jumped out of it and later sent an e-mail after he was supposed to be dead — “Does any of this sound like the man you were married to?” he finished. “Oh, no,” she said, because what’s she supposed to say to that? “Oh, yeah. That’s just what he was like. Once when I got mad at him for not picking up the dry cleaning, he said he was moving out, and I found out later he’d been hiding in the bushes in the backyard for a week.”

[Via DealBreaker]