Mischa Barton Hearts John Steinbeck


After gracing front rows at the Paris couture shows last month, Mischa Barton hit New York Fashion Week, and at G-Star she told us what she’s been up to since she got to town. “I haven’t been to too many fashion shows,” the former OC star told us. “Nice dinners and stuff since I’ve been in the city again; I grew up here and I’ve got friends here from a long time ago, so it’s just nice to come and go to dinner,” she said. In fact, later that evening the starlet was off to celebrate her best friend’s birthday. But it’s not all parties for the 23-year-old (who, to be fair, has a few movies in the can, per IMDb). Mischa also enjoys fine literature, a quality that obviously attracted Luke Pritchard, the latest in her string of rocker boyfriends. “Steinbeck is one of my favorite authors, and I got an original of The Cannery, signed, from my boyfriend,” she trilled. Presumably, she was referring to Steinbeck’s classic, Cannery Row.