New York Is Fat and Drunk


According to a Siena Research poll, 27 percent of New York City residents have from two to seven drinks a week, and 24 percent have more than that (12 percent have more than fifteen drinks in a week, which sounds like a lot but it totally isn’t. Or, at least we hope not). 58 percent have drunk in the past year. Additionally, it turns out 56 percent of city residents are overweight or obese, which is kind of depressing. Our immediate reaction to this statistic was: Aren’t we all supposed to be skinny? Isn’t that our thing? “New Yorkers walk so much!”

The next result of the poll is a direct response this question. While 56 percent of us are overweight or obese, only 41 percent of us think we are. “It’s one thing to lie to me,” said pollster Dr. Don Levy, the shaming audible in his voice. “It’s another thing to lie to yourself.” Whatever. It’s just because we wore horizontal stripes to the bar that one time, that’s all.