Olivia Palermo: What I Do on The City Is Not Acting


Olivia Palermo, the socialite co-star of MTV’s The City, has been an aspiring actress for a few years now. But despite what you might have read, what she does on the glamorous reality show isn’t pretend. “Acting is one of the many things I’m interested in, but I completely respect it as an art form that requires lots of talent, dedication and hard work,” she told us over e-mail. Still, getting in front of the cameras does help prepare her for a life onscreen. “I’ve gotten so much more comfortable being in front of the cameras over the course of shooting this season. The first few days were a little bit awkward!” she explained. “Of course, nothing feels 100% natural when you’re being followed by a camera crew, but I’ve definitely acclimated. I think that in the first few episodes, that discomfort and awkwardness I felt really came through on camera.”

Olivia says she hopes that over the rest of the season you see more of the real her. Unfortunately for the young glamazon, even she’s not sure what that might look like. “I never know ahead of time what’s going to end up on the show,” she said. “So watching all of our stories unfold has been really exciting for me.” That does sound exciting — watching your own life as told and interpreted by somebody else. No, wait. Terrifying. That was the word we meant to use, not exciting. This girl is braver than we thought.

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