Paterson’s Porn Tax Unites Skin Industry, Uptight Conservatives


As part of his effort to reduce the state’s $15 billion deficit, Governor Paterson long ago proposed a tax on downloaded entertainment, like movies and music. But only now are we beginning to truly comprehend the formidable budgetary impact of the plan, as it’s recently been realized that the tax will also apply to online porn, which accounts for approximately 100 percent of internet activity. However, because the tax will only be levied on pornographers based in-state (and because only chumps still pay for porn), our deficit problems are not entirely solved. Limited or not, the proposal has produced a mild ruckus involving strange, sexy bedfellows.

Obviously, like anyone being taxed, the porn industry is against the idea. “The last thing any of us need is an additional tax,” Steven Hirsch, CEO of Vivid Entertainment Group, told the Daily News. Surprisingly, though, pornmongers have actually found support from the New York Conservative Party — but only because it worries that children will draw the wrong conclusions from their acute awareness of our tax code. “By taxing it you’re legitimizing it,” frets the party’s chairman, Michael Long. “You’re sending a message to the children, you’re sending a message to the teenagers, if you’re taxing it — how can it be wrong?” And thus was forged the least durable alliance in all of human history.

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