Paul Greenwood Is Never Going to Live This Teddy-bear Thing Down


Quiz: What do you think Paul Greenwood, 61, is most embarrassed about right now?

1. That he, the town supervisor of North Salem in Westchester, was convicted of a $553 million fraud and his life as a horsey Connecticut gentleman was revealed to be a total lie.
2. That said fraud was lumped together in all the papers with like three other frauds, and in half of them Bernie Madoff gets top billing.
3. That it has been widely revealed that not only did Greenwood squander the money on ponies, he spent at least $80,000 on teddy bears. In fact, according to the Post, “he and his wife are believed to own the world’s largest collection of rare Steiffs — 1,350 of them.”

Aw. We bet that has nothing to do with his childhood.

Pair Lived Large on Fraud [WSJ]