FBI’s Interaction With R. Allen Stanford Actually Kind of Pleasant, Bland


When we heard R. Allen Stanford — the mustachioed financier out of Texas and the Caribbean who’d been missing since being charged by the SEC with an $8 billion fraud this week — was found by the FBI yesterday, we imagined the “man hunt” (as news outlets had been calling it) for Stanford ended in a dramatic scene worthy of the man’s personality. After all, dude is a colorful character, one who thought nothing of bouncing other men’s wives on his lap, had the logo for his company emblazoned on the toilet seat of his private jet, and despite being from Texas is a knight who owned an actual castle. Plus, the SEC said he was responsible for a MASSIVE fraud! That he might have ties to Mexican drug cartels! The papers were likening him to Bernie Madoff! Catching up with him had to at least involve a chase sequence, right?

Alas, no:

F.B.I. agents were waiting at the home of a relative of Mr. Stanford’s in Fredericksburg when he arrived in a car with a girlfriend, according to a law enforcement official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss details of the episode.

Mr. Stanford was “extremely cordial and cooperative,” the official said. “They served him with the papers, said ‘Have a good day,’ and left.”


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