Report: Criminal Complaint Issued for Robert Allen Stanford?


A criminal complaint may have finally been issued for Robert Allen Stanford, the mustachioed Texan financier and cricket enthusiast who was recently charged by the SEC in a civil suit with defrauding investors of $8 billion. Fox News is the only news outlet reporting this thus far, but it does seem possible — today it was announced that the court-appointed receiver overseeing Stanford Financial has found only $90 million of the missing $8 billion, and the FBI arrested his chief investment officer, Laura Pendergest-Holt, last night. “She was cooperative,” an agent told Reuters. She was also reportedly “shaking for hours” after talking to the Feds. Perhaps she gave up the old man? Developing.

Criminal Complaint HAS Been Issued For Sir Allen: FOX [Clusterstock]
Stanford receiver finds $90 million in assets: FBI [Reuters]
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