Sean Hannity Thinks Gay Kissing Is Violent


The other night Fox News host Sean Hannity chatted with a panel over the prominent role of man-on-man kissing in the Oscars last Sunday night. While we don’t agree with Hannity, we did comment while we were watching on Sunday that, with all of the millions of Oscar viewers around the world, it was probably some of the most-watched gay love ever on TV. We were happy about this. Hannity, of course, was not. “[My wife] said, you know, they keep showing the scenes of men kissing,” Hannity said. “And I’m thinking do we have to expose our children to more and more sex, more and more violence, you know, more and more controversy? Does that bother you at all?” It bothered guest Bo Dietl. “I don’t get upset when I see two people in love and kissing each other, but I get upset when a guy is sticking his tongue in another guy’s mouth,” Dietl said. “Don’t bring that to my children at that age to show it’s an acceptable thing in daylight.” It’s not an acceptable thing for gay people to kiss during daylight, Bo? And Hannity, two men touching lips is now “sex and violence”? What Oscars were you watching? The host went on to suggest that gays kissing was “adult content,” and was, in some way, “robbing these kids of their childhood.” Luckily, the folks at GLAAD were able to cobble together a clip reel to put things in perspective.

A Kiss Is Just A Kiss, Mr. Hannity… [GLAAD via Towleroad]