So What Does A-Rod Do Now?


After a report on over the weekend revealed that Alex Rodriguez allegedly tested positive for two kinds of steroids while playing for the Rangers in 2003, the Yankees star fled to the Bahamas to party his cares away. Now he’s back, and consulting with his on-again, off-again agent, Scott Boras, on how to deal with the thunderstorm of coverage. So what’s going to happen? Here’s what we’re looking at:

• Though Boras has told reporters, variously, that they should “talk to the union” and that he can’t comment on a “legal matter,” it looks like he will help A-Rod with a statement today. [Denver Post]

• The Yankees have not yet released a statement, though they pretty much have to support their talented (and most highly paid) player. “But they don’t anticipate being heavily involved” in his PR strategy going forward. [Newsday]
• Meanwhile, the Yankees are preparing for what will probably be one of their most scrutinized (and gossipy) spring-training seasons ever. [MLB]
• While A-Rod has never been a major marketing force, like teammate Derek Jeter, the handful of endorsement deals he does have are now in danger. [NYDN]
• Now, fellow All-Star Curt Schilling is calling for the rest of the positive results from the 2003 testing to be identified. [Boston]
• But some watchers think that A-Rod could manage to win back a lot of favor with fans if he deals honestly and in a straightforward manner with the allegations. It could be a great teaching moment, argues Joel Sherman. [NYP]
• In any case, the first public appearance on his schedule is a ceremony at the University of Miami on Friday. Will he cancel it? Or will he take advantage of the situation (he’s being honored for a $3.9 million donation to the athletics center there) for a mea culpa? [SF Chronicle]