The DABA Girls May Have ‘a Book, a Movie, and a TV Series’


It seems UTA partner and board of director [sic] Jay Sures was up at 5 AM reading the article and jumped on the DABA website and emailed that he’d like to rep them. (The fact that these were all good-looking gals didn’t hurt, obviously.) They saw the message and vetted Jay through a mutual friend at Lionsgate. Next thing they knew, every agency was chasing them: not just UTA but also CAA, Endeavor, ICM (who reps the NY Times and was really fighting hard), and WMA. But the Daba Girls chose Sures. Now there’s going to be a book, and maybe a movie, and maybe a TV series.” P.S. You look fat today. P.P.S. The winter has really fucked up your skin, hasn’t it? P.P.S. The DABA girls are having sex with your boyfriend. [DHD]