The Media Doesn’t Understand What’s Happening to Its Body

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Today our beloved media suffered some serious losses, tried to pick up some younger chicks (Newsweek, you don’t have to look so desperate), and went shopping for a bigger house. It is a very confusing time for media. But thankfully, the Times made a really pretty chart to help us understand everything!

• Time Warner lost a lot of money. [NYT]

• Time Inc., Bauer, and American Media are now playing a full-on, to-the-death game of chicken with magazine distributors Anderson News and Source Interlink: Magazines such as People and Time will not make it to Wal-Mart’s shelves this week. [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]

• More sort-of good news: Apparently the rough economy has actually helped television evening newscasts. So maybe someone will still have jobs to offer. [Yahoo]

• And now News Corp is expected to cut jobs at The Wall Street Journal and other properties, including Britain’s Times, in the next few weeks. [FT]

• Also, layoffs at Bloomberg. [NYP]

Allure may be the next magazine to die, though an informal Gawker poll says there are other, more deserving titles that should get the ax first. [NYP, Gawker]

• Condé Nast is looking for a home upgrade anyway. Maybe there’s a skyscraper in foreclosure? [NYO]

• Twitter goes to Washington! Journalists are now Twittering from the White House briefing room. So if you’ve always wondered who generally wins briefing-room musical chairs, now you can find out. Journalism at its best! [Politico]