Tinsley and Topper: Back On?


We’ve never understood the relationship between Tinsley and Topper Mortimer. And frankly, why should we? We’re not their friends — we just follow their story as it plays out in the society pages. We were riveted by the Times story about their star-crossed love in 2007. And we were, we have to admit, oddly saddened by the “Page Six” report that they split last month. So it was with a weird kind of glee that we read on Guest of a Guest that they were spotted together again, arm in arm and dancing the night away, at the Frick Young Collector’s Ball last night. Honestly, if this generation didn’t have one potentially fake yet extremely charismatic high-society couple to get tongues wagging, then the recession would have taken a greater toll than any of us could have possibly imagined.

Tinsley and Topper, Back Together Again [Guest of a Guest]