We’re Worried About Lloyd Blankfein


We noticed that Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein seemed kind of tense and exasperated in front of the House Financial Services Committee yesterday, a far cry from the impish creature with dancing eyes we know and love. But we let it go: The past few months have been difficult enough, and then on top of it, to get dragged out of the office so that a bunch of lunatics can yell things like I HAVE NO IDEA WHY YOU HAVE NOT BEEN PROSECUTED in your face? Well. That would make anyone cranky. But it was only when we saw the pictures that we realized that the stress associated with the financial crisis could really be taking a toll on Lloyd. And by that we mean on his visage. Look at how he’s got his face all twisted up! Think of the wrinkles he’s going to give himself!

We’ve always said he was puppy-dog cute, but really, we have to draw the line somewhere.