Why Doesn’t Anyone Want to Be in Hillary’s Day-care Center?


Over the weekend, the website of US News & World Report put up some kind of cross-promotional poll with a bobblehead-doll company that asked readers where they would enroll their kids if they had to choose between day-care centers run by Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Nancy Pelosi. Besides noting the incredibly sexist implications of the question, we were a little startled to find that Hillary Clinton placed dead last, garnering a pathetically low 2 percent support, while Palin and Obama were far and away the favorite choices. Sure, Hillarycare (they’ll need a better name) might be too rigorous and highly regimented an operation — a half-hour of silent playtime, 45 minutes of napping, then maybe an hour each of Latin and elocution lessons. But Hillary is all about the welfare of children, and, not incidentally, was a pretty good mom, too. It’s nothing but a small miracle that Chelsea Clinton emerged completely well adjusted after spending her teenage years in that White House.

The poll [Washington Whispers/US News]