WSJ Editor Does Not Recall Getting Markopolos Madoff Tip


I don’t recall it and it would have come up to me,” Paul Steiger said of whistle-blower Harry Markopolos’s claim yesterday that senior editors at the paper killed a story on Madoff three years ago because they “respected and feared” him. The former Wall Street Journal managing editor denies this, and adds that he didn’t even know who Madoff was until recently. Or maybe he did? “I don’t remember him at all, I may have met him, but I certainly don’t remember him,” he said. Anyway, it’s not like the Journal was the only place that had it handed to them and missed it. “This was clearly a story everyone missed — the SEC missed it,” he says. That’s true! And we hope that helps Paul sleep at night.

Former ‘WSJ’ Editor ‘Highly Doubts’ Madoff Tip Occurred [Editor & Publisher]
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