22-Year-Old Brooklyn Law Student Has Peter Madoff’s Assets Frozen


Score one for Brooklyn Law School. Andrew Ross Samuels, a 22-year-old student from Dix Hills, New York, filed an order in Nassau County State Supreme Court temporarily freezing the assets of Bernie Madoff’s brother and office manager, Peter. Andrew lost $500,000 of his inheritance to Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme — his grandfather, who invested it for him, counted Madoff as one of his best friends. Peter Madoff has not yet been accused of doing anything wrong, but there are plenty of Madoff victims who have declared him guilty of incompetence and negligence. “He absolutely dropped the ball,” Andrew’s father, Howard Samuels, told Newsweek, which notes that others in his family lost money, and indeed a “Samuels Family Trust” is named on the list of victims. Not everyone has Andrew’s crusading moxie, though. Andrew’s mother, when reached by Intel, added simply, “I hate this,” before passing on the message.

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