Alex McCord Talks About Unemployment


"What makes this different than other job searches?" writes Real Housewife of New York City Alex McCord in her Huffington Post blog about her recent unemployment. "When I walked into the career center, people recognized me." And, probably, they e-mail all their friends and take cell-phone pictures, too. That's got to be even more depressing than your average job interview. Which is why, probably, the graphic designer and former aspiring actress is trying to be optimistic, and plans to blog once a week about her job hunt. So far, it's peppy but a little dry, except for this part:

At the same time, I'm enjoying a marginally less hectic schedule. I'm having lunch with people whom I've wanted to for a year. I'm really loving school drop off without having to throw the kids in the door and blast away at Mach 2, although in the afternoon it's a bit hard to write emails to colleagues when Johan turns up with a dripping red paintbrush wanting to know if he can decorate my monitor. I've taken the time to read the insane Real Housewives episode recaps on Gawker and wonder what would happen if Richard were tied to Maureen Dowd and left in a small room.

Wow, we almost understand what she means. [Richard! You're so meta-famous you might just explode!] Though, in that scenario, who would she have us chained to, we wonder? Stanley Crouch?

Laid off? Update Your Resume and Take Time to Admire the Gold Sparkly Drag Queen [HuffPo]