Almost Nothing Will Make People Leave New York


Today the Times has two stories that, put together, serve as pretty compelling evidence of the awesomeness of our fair city. First, reporter Sam Roberts cites a study that shows that fewer people left the city in the year leading up to last July than any other year for several decades. That was the time during which the current economic crisis developed, and the avalanche of job loss had already begun. Then, Nicholas Confessore speaks to conservative and liberal experts who say that despite what Governor Paterson and tax-increase opponents say, there’s no real evidence that raising taxes on the rich will cause them to move out of the city. In fact, in times of trouble and higher taxes, the wealthy are the least likely to leave.

Of course, if you live here, you didn’t need statistics to know that people will do anything to stay here, regardless of logic, finance, or reason. Because, well, it’s New York!

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