America Surprisingly Optimistic About Things


A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that despite the ongoing economic slide, President Obama is receiving his highest approval ratings to date, 68 percent. That in itself isn’t really unexpected, but what’s surprising is how sunny our outlook seems to be: 41 percent of those polled believe the country is “headed in the right direction” as opposed to things being “off on the wrong track.” That’s actually the highest “right direction” number since January of 2004, a period that obviously includes the entire economic crisis. That’s great — perhaps we’re finally pulling ourselves out of this downward spiral of doubt and gloom. Maybe people are buoyed by the new stimulus-funded construction projects already under way, or Obama’s stealth plan to destroy the avian menace. Whatever is driving it, could some of this optimism just get shifted over to the stock market now? Please?

Poll: Obama’s rating at all-time high [MSNBC]