Anybody Want a Life-size Killer Whale?


From a March 18 "Free Stuff" Craigslist listing (now taken down) for a “Life-Size Killer Whale Replica”:

I work for the New York Aquarium, and the replica killer whale we had was recently damaged while we were redecorating. I didn’t want to see this beautiful whale go to waste so I decided to take it home. However this comes to the sad part of my story and the opportunity for you. My mom is making me get rid of the whale so that she can have more space in our garage for her new car. Why she would rather have a minivan than a whale I don’t know, but she’s put her foot down. I need to get rid of the whale ASAP and will part with it for free as long as it goes to a good home. It is about twenty feet long and will fit on most flatbed trailers.

There is some minor damage to the tail, but it could be easily repaired with a little TLC.

No one returned a message at the Westchester County number. Meanwhile, New York Aquarium spokesperson Fran Hackett says that’s not their whale pictured and they’ve never heard of Ms. Hertz. But they are getting calls from would-be whale owners frustrated by her jammed voice mail.