Arena Magazine Is Today’s Only Media Death

Clockwise from left: Orcel, Kraus, Sobotka, Thain Photo: istockphoto

The British men's style magazine folded after 22 years of remaining pretty cool. Rocky Mountain News reporters are trying to struggle on online, and Hachette continues to streamline.

• Bauer folded Arena, the 22-year-old British men's style magazine. The twelve staff members are in layoff purgatory, as they are meant to be "redeployed" to other creative teams. [WWD]

• And turns out news writers are getting the hint. Former Rocky Mountain reporters are hitting the blog circuit with recently launched IWantMyRocky. [Gawker]

• Hachette Filipacchi is at it again with those pesky structural changes. Philippe Guelton, the company's chief operating officer, will helm a new group in charge of cross-company operations. No word of layoffs yet, but Noah at Fishbowl predicts centralization's dirty backside to cause a few pink slips. [FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]

• There are copies of the new Newsweek prototype floating around and the early Twitter reviews are not good. [East Village Idiot via Gawker]