Barack Obama Stands by His Man


The nation’s outrage over the AIG bonuses is growing by the hour, and our politicians have little choice but to jump onboard or risk being pitchforked to death. But this anger can’t just float around out in the atmosphere without a destination. Sure, the guys actually receiving the bonuses are being lambasted, but nobody is really sure who they are (except for the ones the Post has successfully stalked). What politicians need is a target with a face. And that face is increasingly becoming Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

Earlier today the first member of Congress, Florida’s Connie Mack, called for Geithner to resign, and Republican Senator Richard Shelby said he was unsure if Geithner should step down but insisted he’s been “out of the loop.” But President Obama isn’t buying it. Speaking to reporters earlier today, Obama expressed “complete confidence” in Geithner, and claimed he has more on his plate than any Treasury secretary since Alexander Hamilton, proving that Obama is also overconfident in America’s familiarity with its own history. Honestly, you wouldn’t expect Obama to abandon Geithner so quickly and easily anyway. But his steadfast support at least gave us an excuse to make this Photoshop of him as Tammy Wynette.