Bernie Madoff’s Lawyer Still Thinks He Should Be Allowed to Go Back to His Penthouse


Bernie Madoff's lawyer, Ira Sorkin, has been in court today trying to get a three-judge panel to send his client back home to his penthouse while he awaits sentencing. He argued that a number of other white-collar baddies, such as Enron's Jeff Skilling and WorldCom's Bernard Ebbers, were allowed to go home while waiting for their sentencing, and noted Madoff didn't present a flight risk since, well, look, he didn't try to before. The judges are mulling it over. In the meantime, Bernie is still in his jail cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center where he was sent last week, described thus by today's Daily News:

The lights burn 24 hours a day, and an inmate's every move is caught on video. Madoff gets just 60 minutes a day outside his 8-by-8-foot cell — in wrist shackles.

Windows are blacked out so disoriented inmates can't catch even a glimpse of the world outside.

What passes for food is slipped through a narrow slit in a stainless steel door that fronts a spartan cell — cold in winter, scorching hot in summer.

Sounds about right to us.

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