Bernie’s Accountant Arrested, Charged With Fraud [Updated]


David G. Friehling, Bernie Madoff’s accountant, has been arrested and charged with six counts of fraud and making false filings to the SEC in connection to Madoff’s massive Ponzi scheme, giving the lie to Madoff’s claims that he acted alone. Friehling, whose auditing firm was out of a strip mall in New City, New York, took over Madoff’s accounts from his father-in-law in the nineties. His father-in-law died of cancer last week, on the same day Madoff pleaded guilty. Friehling faces up to 105 years in prison. [NYT, WSJ]

Update: Well look at that. He’s been released on $2.5 million bail. Where does a small-time accountant get that kind of money? AP]