Blago Shakes Down Publisher for Six-Figure Book Deal


Embattled former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich recently told a bemused David Letterman that, like many people right now, he was “looking for work.” Well, thank goodness the cutthroat economy has spared at least one man the hardships of unemployment: Blago just signed a “six-figure” deal with Phoenix Books to tell his harrowing story to the world, or at least the parts we haven’t already heard in private conversations recorded by the FBI. In The Governor (working title), Blago will recount the events leading up to his downfall and delve into the “dark side of politics.” Well, it’s a good thing the man has found some lucrative, albeit temporary, employment — because pretty soon, he may have a permanent position making license plates for about 40 cents an hour.

Blagojevich Signs Deal to Write ‘The Governor’ [NYT]