Brad and Angelina’s Long Island House Has an Unusual Feature


Angelina Jolie starts shooting her thriller Salt this week, which will be filmed partially in New York, and the Jolie-Pitts have reportedly taken up residence in “Sassafras,” a waterfront estate in Lloyd Neck, Long Island. The estate has a lot of amenities, according to amNewYork, some of which we think are strange and one of which we think is really strange 

See if you can guess which one!

(a) Two helipads
(b) Pool
(c) Private cove with a dock
(d) Eight bedrooms
(e) Twelve bathrooms
(f) Guesthouses and staff
(g) Barbershop
(h) Fallout shelter
(i) Playground

It’s weird about the barbershop, but if you pointed to (h) Fallout shelter as the most bizarre amenity here, you are correct. What would the Jolie-Pitts need a fallout shelter for? To hide from Oscars–Jennifer Aniston Love Triangle fallout?

Angelina’s Double Life [amNY]