Britney Spears Has Apparently Not Learned Her Lesson About Backup Dancers


Britney Spears got cozy with another one of her male dancers on her Circus tour, this time named Gio. You’d think she’d learn her lesson after K-Fed. A-Rod partied at Aspen’s Caribou Club this weekend, along with “several cougars.” Michael Phelps hung out with Muhammad Ali at Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night in Phoenix. Valentino hit up 1 Oak’s “gay night” on Sunday. He stayed all of four seconds. Pierre Cardin is asking a mere one billion euros for his fashion empire, and says that “if prospective buyers can’t pony up the funds, that’s their problem.”

CNBC is on the hunt to replace its senior VP Jonathan Wald. Potentials include former 20/20 producer Victor Neufeld and former CBS News president Andrew Heyward. Dylan Ratigan is telling everyone that he’ll be ABC News’ new chief financial correspondent, even though he hasn’t been hired. Bill O’Reilly says he won’t fork over a cent to watch one of Sean Penn’s films because of the actor’s liberal stance, claiming it’s his “right as an American.” Colin Hanks, now making a name for himself in 33 Variations and The Great Buck Howard, preps for every show by listening to Springsteen’s “Born to Run.”

Liv Tyler, Sienna Miller, and Lindsay Lohan will celebrate Nylon magazine’s tenth anniversary at Thompson LES tonight, while Mayor Bloomberg, Barbara Walters, and Lauren Bacall are expected at Barry Diller’s party for Quinn Bradlee, son of Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn. Now that Lipstick Jungle is kaput, Brooke Shields plans to take on Broadway with Nathan Lane and Jane Krakowski for Roundabout Theatre’s spring gala. Lastly, Soho House is returning to its “artsy” roots and refusing to renew all of its finance types’ memberships. As if bankers don’t have enough to worry about these days.