Broker to the Stars Jared Seligman Tells You How to Sell Your Dump


This morning, Curbed directs us to an Open House NYC clip hosted by brokerage wunderkind Jared Seligman. Seligman, who now works for Prudential Douglas Elliman, is the 22-year-old who has found homes for the Olsen twins, Ally Hilfiger, Coco Rocha, Jessica Stam, and Lily Cole. So, as you can guess, he’s used to dealing with top-of-the-line listings. But he swallows his pride in this video and tells you how you, a normal person, might better sell your middling property. To begin with, don’t have any nasty broken washing machines, big bookshelves, or cluttery personal items. And if possible, get rid of those kids and all the junk that comes with them. You know, try to imagine you’re a model, or an Olsen twin.