Chris Buckley on His Parents’ Famous Maisonette: ‘It’s Off the Market’


William F. and Pat Buckley’s famous maisonette — originally listed last summer for $24.5 million after William’s death last winter — is off the market. After heir and owner Christopher Buckley pooh-poohed the “absurdly inflated price” in the fall, he decided this wasn’t the time to sell at all. “It’s not a very good environment right now,” he told us last night at a Literacy Partners party at Michael’s. “You may have read something about this. So I own it; if any of your readers would like to buy a maisonette on 73rd and Park, it’s lovely and I’ll give you a personal tour.” It’s just a market thing, mind you — even though he’s coming out with a book about his parents, Losing Mum and Pup, the ghosts of the place aren’t weighing him down. “You know, I have wonderful memories of it, it’s a great place, but I’m not really a Park Avenue kind of guy. I’m a sort of a Greenwich Village kind of guy,” Buckley explained. “Although ask me a year from now when we’re all out on the street corner wearing barrels and selling bananas, and I may be a squatter in my own maisonette.”