On New Channel, Chuck Scarborough Asks Softball Questions Under Duress


NBC launched a new local, 24-hour, semi-newsy channel called New York Nonstop this week (on Time Warner channel 161) that basically aims to be NY1’s edgier, hipper cousin, the one all the younger kids like to hang around at family gatherings because they might glean some tips on how to be cool. But how exactly will the city’s youth know that this channel is designed for them? Because the correspondents are hotter, the graphics are overwhelming, the techno music never stops, and the weatherman wears a V-neck sweater. And also because venerated NBC anchor Chuck Scarborough will reluctantly announce to the guests on his New York Nightly News show that his producer is forcing him to ask stupid questions. On the bright side, we now know that Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t have any tattoos and barely prefers Paul over the other Beatles. Check out the video after the jump.

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