Chuck Todd Has Another Brilliant Idea


Ever since NBC named Chuck Todd its White House correspondent — instead of the new Meet the Press host, which is a stupid job anyway — we’ve been waiting for him to shake up the presidential press corp in ways that even sophisticated supercomputers couldn’t predict. (In fact, we have one in our office, and when we tried to compute the so-called Todd Effect, it exploded, killing two interns and setting fire to the mail room.) Tomorrow night, as President Obama further cripples the television networks with another prime-time press conference, America might be lucky enough to experience the first of many Todd innovations.

In an effort to bridge the gap between the common people and their leaders in government, Todd is asking for submissions via Newsvine for questions to ask Obama at the presser — particularly things less politically minded friends and neighbors are wondering about the economy. Of course, since Todd could easily come up with something better than any other human could possibly suggest, he reserves the right to ask his own question. Personally, ours would be: “Mr. President, do you think Tim Geithner would inspire more confidence if he maintained a perfectly groomed goatee, like my own?” We’re fairly certain he’ll go with something else though.

NBC’s Chuck Todd Gathers Citizen Questions for Obama Presser [State of Change/Nation]