Citigroup to Lay Off 65 Office Cleaners


Citigroup can no longer afford to keep on the people who clean their offices, apparently. “We got notice about two weeks ago that 65 workers will be laid off within the coming weeks,” Kwame Patterson, the spokesperson for the Service Employees International Union, Chapter 32BJ, told Daily Intel. Well, we guess that makes sense. Citi would need to take some cost-cutting measures in light of their having borrowed we-don’t-even-know-anymore how many billions of dollars from the taxpayer. And, you know, after having paid out millions of dollars in bribes retention bonuses to these two guys. And what with the upcoming office renovations, and the assorted expenses related to the winding down of Sandy Weill’s office privileges…”What’s really ironic,” Patterson added, is that of these low-wage workers, “a number of them have outstanding loans and mortgages from Citigroup.” How will they pay their bills now? “Probably,” Patterson said, “they’ll go on public assistance.” Citi declined to comment when contacted by Daily Intel. Sweet Vikram, will this madness never end?