David Letterman’s Truck Got Stuck in the Mud on the Way to His Wedding


People magazine, desperate to recover from the shame of being scooped on a celebrity wedding by the celebrity himself, swiftly dispatched reporters to Choteau, Montana, today to dig up all they could about David Letterman's surprise nuptials with his longtime girlfriend, Regina Lasko. Unfortunately, there wasn't all that much to find out. The bride wore a navy suit with a rose corsage, and the groom "was dressed neatly, despite the fact that his truck had gotten stuck in the mud on the way to the ceremony." They wed in the presence of their 5-year-old half-famous son, Harry, and friends Genevieve and Lee Barhaugh. Desperate to add a sense of gravitas (and/or dish) to the situation, People did its best to punch up the detail:

Letterman, 61, and Lasko, 48, quietly arrived — with their 5-year-old son Harry in tow — at the three-story Teton County Courthouse, which stands in the middle of Main Ave. in Choteau. There in the 103-year-old building, built of sandstone quarried from nearby Rattlesnake Butte and surrounded by fir trees, the couple filled out the license application.

What, you think writing muscles bulked up by events like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's Armani-designed wedding in a candle-filled fifteenth-century Italian castle aren't going to flex just because it was a boring old trip to the courthouse?

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