Does Wall Street Have Obama by the Balls?


Hello, Wall Street here. Oh, Secretary Geithner, how nice of you to call. Yes, of course, we’re devoted to getting the economy up and running again. After all, we kind of destroyed — What’s that? Oh, definitely, it’s absolutely vital that we get the credit flowing, and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. We’re all in this together, after all. Mmmhmm … toxic asset plan … mmmhmm. Yes, this is a pivotal moment, we agree on that. Look, to fix this economy, we’ll need to work together. You need us, and we need you. It’s a partnership is what it is. This is a matter of national importance to us too. Of course, it’ll be really tough, with the possibility of hitting unforeseen snags along the way. If either of us gives less than 100 percent, well, it could all fall to pieces. But we would love nothing more than to restore our good name by helping to revive the economy in a timely, efficient manner. On a related note, do you know what else we love? Our bonuses. A lot. Capisce?

Obama Dials Down Wall Street Criticism [WSJ]