Everybody Hates Malcolm Smith Today


Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith unveiled his plan to bail out the MTA, which is facing steep fare hikes and service cutbacks unless it gets a lifeline from Albany. So how is it being received? Horribly. Because Smith couldn’t muster enough support for tolls on the East River and Harlem River bridges, the money in his plan simply doesn’t cover the MTA’s needs. This is something the New York papers are none too pleased about. The Daily News mocked that a “scribbler on a napkin could have crafted a more coherent plan,” and that Smith’s was “an epic bomb.” The Post claims that Smith “has absolutely no control over his conference” and lacks “a spine.” Meanwhile, in the Times, Jim Dwyer calls Smith one of the “two exceptionally weak men” that run the state (the other being Paterson). Yikes. Not only is he a bad leader, but his very manhood is being questioned. We know one person who’s reading USA Today this morning.