Experience Your Own Miracle on the Hudson


Ever daydreamed about what it might have been like to have been Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger on that fateful day — March January 15, 2009 — when the U.S. Airways pilot heroically landed a commercial jet full of people safely on the Hudson River, saving nearly 150 lives? Well, now you have your chance. For just 99 cents, you can buy the iPhone simulator game and see how well you would have done if you were in the cockpit that day. With “Sully’s Flight” you can hear the same frantic audio that Captain Sullenberger was hearing, you can survive the bird attack, and you can attempt to enter the river at precisely the right angle and speed. Apparently, it’s remarkably lifelike. Except you can play it on the subway on your 3” by 5” iPhone. And, you know, nobody’s life is at stake. Or anything.

Sully’s Flight on the iPhone [TUAW]