FIT Girls Were Seduced by Undercover Officers Claiming Large Wangs


The FIT students who were arrested for dealing coke in December are not at fault, they claim in recently filed court papers. They are victims, taken advantage of by a couple of undercover police officers, rogues who drifted into their lives on a cloud of Drakkar Noir and made promises they would never keep, with the express purpose of making off with these fine young women’s virtue. Pray, tell us, New York Post, what artful seduction methods did these silver-tongued Casanovas employ to turn these innocent damsels into coke-dealing criminals?

Behind the velvet ropes at Marquis, Home and Mansion, the two officers — “Chris” and “Jack” — bragged of their fame as “Ultimate Fighters.” They complimented the women’s cleavage; they boasted of their penis size … they bought them drinks, bragging they had paid $1,000 for bottle service.

Whew. Did they also do that move where they pushed their heads into their laps? Because, personally, that gets us every time.